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Learn To Play Scorpions — Guitar Lessons With Danny Gill Licklibrary : как играть на гитаре scorpions wind of change

Дата публикации: 02/07/2009

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Learn To Play Scorpions — Guitar Lessons With Danny Gill Licklibrary

www.licklibrary.com Check Out This Great Scorpion Guitar Lesson DVD. Danny Gill gives an overview of this DVD. This Scorpion Guitar Lesson DVD, will teach you all the chords and solos to 5 Scorpions songs. Guitar Lessons include lessons on the songs — how to play Coast To Coast...

Наши посетители часто задают вопрос «как играть на гитаре scorpions wind of change» : смотрите видео он лайн ролик «Learn To Play Scorpions — Guitar Lessons With Danny Gill Licklibrary».В онлайн видео с оценкой больше чем четыре звезды вы поймете как играть на гитаре scorpions wind of change.


  • you? rock man
  • Wait, how exactly can i get my chops up to be able to learn the solos, because i really want? to
  • ....................?
  • Song is «No One Like You» — from the album «Blackout» ?
  • «no one like? you»
  • no? one like you
  • Thank? you ... !!!!!
  • In the start, what song is? he playing there?
  • help me by teling me the name of the first song... in beeginning.? please!
  • hi i got an awsome idea? !
    a jam with david meshow CD !!!
    thumbs up if you like
    and share so lick library could do something about it !
  • whats the name of the song at? the begining??
  • Holy tits!! I am going to learn this stuff now!!! Ahhhhhh WOOOOOOO!?
  • Saw the Scorps in Stuttgart last week, great! ?
  • koskoca danny gill yanl?? ?al?yor amk?
  • Are they better with age? AC DC were killer in 2009? and Alice Cooper is still fantastic. Saw Aerosmith in 2007 and Steven Tyler's voice was frozen in time when they played Seasons of Whither and Last Child.
  • sholud of done sails? of charon
  • just to let u know the song is «no one like you»...not rock? you like a hurricane...I am a huge scorpions fan so u have to get these things right...lol but your right, he did nail it
  • He was talking about the second solo you dumbass.?
  • No one like you?
  • danny? gill rips.
  • Danny is the MAN? :)
  • I love lick library, thank? you for all the lessons!!!!
  • can you guys make some As I Lay Dying DVD or All That Remains would be awesome to! i'm sure Andy James would have no problem also we need a Children of Bodom one. please! that would be great? :)
  • Awesome playing man! If anyone is interested in the tabs for these songs (free!) I have lessons posted on my channel for No One Like You and Rock You Like a Hurricane solos. Rock on!
  • Hi guys! Huge fan of this series! Any new 80s hair? glam LL lessons coming out?

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