10 Over Smart Dads Who Must Be Stopped Right Now

We have already shared a post about funny dads and their parenting fails. Apparently, there is a new breed of dads and those are called over smart dads. These over smart dads always take the challenge to take care of their kids whenever their mom is busy and is not in the house. These dads use clever techniques to handle their child but seeing the pictures we think that they need to be stopped right now.

We have collected some pictures of these over smart dads showing what they have done to their kids. You will be shocked to see the methods they have used to take care of their children. And if you’re a mother, make sure that you don’t leave your kids with their over smart dads. Let’s have a look at these pictures.

1. The kid wanted to go shopping and look how his Dad took the challenge.

2. Apparently, this over smart dad can sleep anywhere in the house.

3. Have you bought the softest Mousepad yet?

4. She wanted to be a superhero and her dad decided to make her one.

5. Learn how to handle two kids at a time like a boss.

6. How to make sure that your kid doesn’t go out of your sight?

7. She said she’ll be back in 5 mins, it’s already more than an hour.

8. Here is the boss of all the over smart dads.

9. The kid always wanted to look like his grandfather.

10. The dad is showing him how to balance things in life.